Keepers Child Safety

Keepers is an app that dedicated to helping parents protect their children
against cyberbullying and other predatory behaviour online.
Keepers is an AI-based family communicator app which enables parents and children to better communicate, as well as providing a protection net from cyberbullying and pedophilia. A smartly developed algorithm identifies concerning correspondence and provides real-time alerts. Keepers’ solution balances our children’s privacy with our need to keep them safe from potential threats.

​In 2016, My two partners and I decided to start a company that will protect children from the dangers of social media. Over the next 5 years, we hired 22 employees and created Keepers Child Safety, a service for closing the gap between parents and their children on the challenges of having a phone.

After an analysis of the competition and a lot of research, I understood what are the most important features to the average parent.
Along the way, we improved our product and I'm proud to say that today more than 100,000 households are using Keepers, and we have five collaborations (B2B2C white labels) with leading telecom companies.
For the app to be compatible for everyday use we wanted to understand our users most urgent needs. We conducted user research, mapped different apps that are popular in Central-Eastern Europe (our first go-to market) and user interviews.

We developed a new approach for parental control by creating a meaningful and smart way which allows the parent to monitor his/her child online activity, by sharing with you only the negative messaging and behaviours displayed on their device, without invading to your child’s full content on real time.

Keepers is prioritizes the kid's privacy by only displaying specific messages the app monitor incoming and outgoing messaging on social media platforms, automatically tracking any suspicious, abusive, or inappropriate content, by referencing our smart, up-to-date phrases detection database.

We provide the parents to be more involved in your child's life without having to access their personal 'digital' space.

What we detect:
Bullying & abusive languageUse of sexual / unsolicited language.
Unsolicited contact from strangers.
Mental Health concerns.
Harmful & adult content websites.
App time usage and filter banned websitesLocation (with geo-fencing alerts).

Today we can detect appropriate content from Instagram, WhatsApp, Line. Telegram, Snapchat, TikTok, VK (В Контакте), KiK and more..
Working in Sprints
The workflow was constructed in a way that allowed as achieving meaningful goals in a short amount of time. While working in sprints we thought of new features, designed the experience, perfected flows and bugs and tested them in real time.

Sprints helped manage all aspects of this complicated, multi players process. In every sprint a new version of the app was released so we were working with the actual product.

I can say that the two most difficult and challenging processes were the installation which divided into two different devices and the detection of the bed content which spread to so many social media platforms.

_ Final design flow and information architecture _

Experience & Visual Design
We designed a simple, intelligent daily parental control experience for both IOS and Android.
It was important for us to build a strong and easy to use design foundation that the brand can evolve from.

The experience allows the user easy navigation through the app while emphasising what is really important (His or her child's safety).

The interface combines illustrations and bright colors which shows the childish point of view,
And on the same time the product presenting himself as serious and accurate.

_ Screen, Icons , Look & Feel _

_ Keepers OnBoarding Screen _

_ Keepers Logo _

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